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KC01 · Dorsal-lumbar corset with velcro


KC01 · Dorsal-lumbar corset with velcro


This model is recommended for the following pathologies:
-Lumbar spine fractures
-Postsurgical immobilisation
-Discal pathologics
-Sport Injuries


Instruction for use

1. Take the patient's size, tie the straps up and use a pencil to mark the cutting line. Remove cloth leaving the straps tied.
2. Use the polyurethane can indicated for each size.
3. Protect prominent bones okmfleecyweb.
4. Cover the affected part of the body with gauze dressing for protection okmtub.
5. Pour the contents of can No.1 (grey label-isocyanate) into can No.2 (blue label-polyol).
6. Mix the polyurethane for 17-23 (look at the mixing times), seconds and wait until the mixer comes to a complete stop.
7. Pour the polyurethane inside the cloth (the same quantity in both parts). Turn the inner part of the cloth outwards and extend polyurethane with a roller.
8. After 2 minutes place the prepared orthosis on the patient, Close the central Velcro strap without tightening it too much, making sure it is in the correct position.
9. Stretch the cloth by pulling the ends of the cloth and hold firmly for 4 minutes more to prevent points of pressure.
10. Place elastic bandage on without exerting excessive pressure.
11. After about 7 seconds cut to correct length.
12. Close the velcro
13. Allow the orthosis to harden on the patient for about 20 minutes before removing.
14. The polyurethane may shrink slightly during the first hour, so it is important to check this by fitting it on the patient again.

–Protect your eyes and hands.
–Handle and open the cans with care.


Polyurethane indicated for each size

Size XXS
PU KR500 KR500 KR700 KR700 KR900 KR900 KR900


Mixing Time

Grammes 170
500 700
Rigid 15'' 15'' 17'' 20'' 23'' 25''
Soft   15'' 17'' 20'' 23'' 25''


Timing > 24 MINUTES


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